Sea Girt Lighthouse

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The historic Sea Girt Lighthouse began to warn sailors of the shoreline at Sea Girt Beach along the New Jersey Shore when it flashed its first light on December 10, 1896. Before this, mariners who lived around the New Jersey Shore ports had pleaded for a Sea Girt Lighthouse because the town at Sea Girt Beach was situated in a unique blind spot in between Barnegat and Navesink Lighthouses creating a 45 mile stretch of dark sea at night. This dark region was easily illuminated after the construction of the Sea Girt Lighthouse with its massive tower; the tower’s peak rose 60 feet above sea level and it came equipped with a fourth order Fresnel lens. The lens was lighted by a kerosene lamp and weights dropped down a shaft, similar to the engineering inside a grandfather clock, that caused the lens to revolve. The light stayed lit constantly, however the Sea Girt Lighthouse seemed to blink on and off as light bounced from one prism to the next as the lens slowly turned around and around causing the beacon to flash every two to six seconds. The beacon lamp could be seen for 16 miles out to sea. Visit the Sea Girt Lighthouse, a historic and romantic place while on Romantic Getaways New Jersey Shore. The Beacon House, a Sea Girt Inn, is located just minutes from the Sea Girt Lighthouse.

In addition to being a lifesaver to many passing ships, the Sea Girt Lighthouse is unique in its many distinctions. The Sea Girt Lighthouse was the last live-in lighthouse built in the United States; historically, the first lighthouses in the colonies were lighthouses in which the lighthouse keeper and their family lived as well. In 1921, the Sea Girt Lighthouse was one of 3 lighthouses to be chosen to test and try out the first radio beacon navigation technology system. The first radio beacons were installed at the Sea Girt Lighthouse and two other lighthouses in the surrounding New Jersey Shore and New York harbor region, and ships would locate their positions by triangulating and tracking the radio signals of the three radio beacon installations. This ground breaking technology was the precursor of the LORAN system, which we still use today.

sea girt hotelsToday, the Sea Girt Lighthouse is one of only 20 surviving New Jersey Lighthouses. Stop by the Sea Girt Lighthouse on Sundays for the famous Sea Girt Lighthouse tours. Tours generally begin in the early spring just before the regular Jersey Shore Vacation season and are given every Sunday between 2pm and 4pm through November 22. Visitors to the Sea Girt Lighthouse can tour the lighthouse keeper’s offices, visit the tower lantern room, see a Fresnel lens on display like the original fourth order Fresnel that illuminated the lighthouse, and see rare artifacts and photos that have lasted through the years. 

The Sea Girt Lighthouse is located at Ocean Avenue and Beacon Boulevard and hosts a variety of events throughout the New Jersey Shore Vacation season. Enjoy the annual July 11 Art Show on the lighthouse lawn featuring a group of Manasquan River artists, the annual Signing of the Lease Party August 1, a popular Sea Girt Social event, the International Lighthouse Weekend/Lightship Weekend which takes place the weekend of August 15th and 16th, and the New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge, a popular event which is hosted October 17th and 18th. Learn more about the fun things around Sea Girt NJ that you can enjoy while on your New Jersey Shore Getaway. Read about the Spring Lake Golf CourseThe Parker HouseNJ Party Boats like the Big Mohawk, Spring Lake NJ MassageSea Girt Lanes and the wonderful Wineries New Jersey nearby to our B & B Spring Lake NJ, a Sea Girt Inn, the Beacon House. The Beacon House is a Luxury Hotel Jersey Shore that offers spectacular and affordable Accommodations Jersey Shore